So, I only have time for a short post today, but I wanted to dedicate it to one of the products that has made the biggest difference in these first few weeks: Jane Carter’s Incredible Curls.

Naturally, my priority when going natural (in January!) was to find something that would keep my curls intact for more than one day. This thick, sweet smelling, vegan product is a leave-in conditioner designed to be used on “very wet hair,” and it does the trick fabulously. On wash days, which are every 5 days or so (7-10 when I wore my hair straight) I thoroughly detangle my hair with a paddle brush. After detangling, I squirt Incredible Curls liberally onto my hands and finger comb the product through my hair so it is evenly coated. The hair takes a little longer to dry, which is in my opinion what you want to prevent frizzing. But this product (and the pineappling technique) are the only reasons I can go four to five days without having to reset the curls.

For moisture, I was told to use the complimentary spray bottle of leave in conditioner, which I don’t love as much. I’ve been spraying it on my hair between washes, and it does help a little, but it’s no where near as effective as the Incredible Curls. To be fair, my hair is VERY dry.

Any recommendations out there for a moisturizer–something that can put up with 3-day-old curls? And what do you love to use on your hair post-wash?