I became certified as a yoga instructor last year, and the advice that I was given when I completed my program was to take classes every day. My intentions were good, but this seemed like a big challenge for me. Money was tight, and there was really no dedicated yoga space in Staten Island for me to participate in. So I got my part-time position teaching at Dolphins, and decided that eventually, when things got better, I would get a studio membership.

I forgot the biggest truth in life—that if something is a priority, you will make the space, time and money to make it happen. What you focus on is truly what occurs in your life. In December, I decided that I could benefit from continued mentorship and being around the community of yoga practitioners, and I signed up for a free week at YogaWorks.

By the end of the first class, I signed up for a recurring, auto-pay membership at a price I knew I couldn’t really afford. The reason for that? I listened to my gut. I had a reaction to being in that class, a sense of overwhelming peace and calm, that I knew that I wasn’t getting and could scarcely hope to get anywhere else. I knew that if I wanted to be serious about my commitment to invest in myself, it was the right move to make.

As I’ve continued to take classes at YogaWorks, I have realized several important benefits, particularly for yoga teachers, of studio membership:

1. It makes you a better teacher: This sounds like yoga jargon, but it is so true. I steal classes from YogaWorks teachers ALL THE TIME. Literally. I go take a class and rip off every sequence, every explanation, and every joke that I like. As a result, my classes are always changing, being refined and improved, through my membership at my studio.

2. You maintain your own yoga practice: Let’s be real. As a teacher, you don’t actually practice asana throughout the entire class, nor should you. But you should practice at some point during the week. Having a studio membership encourages you to go, if even just to justify the expense.

3. You have a community: Networking and support are vital in any business. Through meeting teachers and practitioners at YogaWorks, I get to hear about upcoming trainings, new jobs, workshops and specials.

4. You set a good example: Do you know how many times a week my friends, family, and students hear me talk about “going to yoga class?” Like, every day. Ask them. They’re so sick of it. But my consistency shows that this is something that matters to me and something that I am committed to—and who wants to take class with someone who doesn’t practice what they preach?

These are just a few examples, but they’re huge benefits that I’ve received in my three months at YogaWorks. I see myself as a developing professional, because I invest in myself as one. No matter what business you’re in, never let yourself get away from the fire. Your job is to get better and better every day.