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Today was possibly one of the more frustrating days that I’ve experienced in recent history. To make a rather long story pretty short, what I thought would be a ten-minute errand ended up being something I had to do quite a bit of running around for… and I still didn’t get it done.

But in the spirit of last week’s post, once my frustration started mounting to excessive levels, I actually stopped what I was doing, turned off my phone, and popped into a restorative yoga class. And that class really reinforced how important it is to rest the body adequately and well. We took only four poses, and I was shocked (as I always am) at how difficult it is to just relax. It’s so important to take time to consciously clear the mind and decompress the body.

One of my new goals, therefore, is to try to make at least two restorative classes a month. I got my yoga studio membership in order to stay connected to the community, keep myself active, and become a better teacher. But I’m growing to believe that part of that is staying connected to that vast sky mind that allows me to get out of the minutiae of life. Like that stupid errand today.

By the way, this week on the list of nice things I did for myself:

– Got a mani/pedi
– Went to restorative yoga
– Slept in on Friday
– Booked a massage for myself 🙂

And I actually do feel better equipped to choose–and change–my circumstances.

How do you handle frustration?