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Ever since I was little, I’ve been something of a linguaphile. My sister and I used to regard English to Anything dictionaries as a kind of Grimoirie, spending hours poring over them and hoping to glean the new and wonderful ability to speak a foreign language. In this way, I flirted with a variety of natural and devised languages, including Spanish, Latin, Greek, Quenya and Klingon.

I had never learned a substantial amount of Klingon, probably because my linguistic affairs were so numerous at the time. But for some reason, I took to one phrase in particular:

Cho magh. Qa qaw’.

You betray me. I destroy you.

This was easily over ten years ago.

Yesterday, I was watching TV with my husband when a trailer for Thor: The Dark World came on. I watched, to my surprise and delight, as Thor uttered the words to Loki, “If you betray me, I will kill you.”

Immediately, I said, spurred by the forces of destiny, “Cho magh. Qa qaw’.”

Immediately my husband, spurred by mild alarm, said, “What?”

Looking back, it probably required some backstory.

I sat there for a moment, smiling at the sheer perfection of that occurrence. There was one phrase I had learned in Klingon. Only one. And here, over ten years later, I was able to translate straight off the screen to that one short utterance that I had engraved on my very soul.

Suddenly, my life just felt meaningful.

I moved slowly, as if in a dream. “I have to… call my sister,” I said.

She was the only one who could understand.