I read an excellent post on LitDrift recently to the tune of “Okay, your heart’s been skewered. When is it okay to write about it? The author suggested that it was best to wait until you were sufficiently over it enough to write about it. While I agree, sometimes I think it’s hard to really know if you’re at that point. Writing, like any other art form, can be a powerful means of expression and therapy, but it can also be the hardest to express in words. Sometimes, your feelings can be too large to condense into colloquial speech. Sometimes, there’s no real words for how it hurts.

I would suggest waiting until your story has a conclusion. We are taught when we first learn to write that every tale must have a beginning, middle and end. I think the really appropriate time to write a heart break is not as an ending, but as a beginning to another tale, maybe even a more encouraging one. No love story ever ends with a broken heart. We all deserve to write better endings for ourselves.


Photo courtesy of Leex.info.