Someone finally called me on my crap.

WordPress is challenging its bloggers to do the unthinkable and post more than they’ve ever posted before.  Starting January 1st, you can challenge yourself to post either once a day or once a week for the entire year. 

I had actually resolved that I would post at least once a week for this year, but I’ve always lived by the philosophy that you should stretch yourself in every endeavor.  Not far enough to kill you, just far enough to scare you.  I know that I can do a post a week.  I think I can do a post a day.  So, because every moment is a chance to challenge yourself, and none more so than New Year’s Eve, I will commit to posting something, anything, every single day.

Can you hear my heart pounding?  I can.  It’s that familiar are-you-nuts feeling that I had when I challenged myself to write a book in a month, back in November.

To three hundred and sixty five days of making the impossible possible.

Get ready to learn more about me than you ever wanted to know.