Happy December, everyone!  It’s the end of another year.  The awkwardness of Valentine’s Day, the candy induced coma of Halloween, the family feuds that Thanksgiving inevitably brings— you’ve survived it all, one Hallmark card at a time.

New Year’s, though, is one holiday that truly exists for each one of us, as a chance to reinvent ourselves and raise our expectations for ourselves and our lives.  Each December 31st, we forgive ourselves for all of our faults, so that at midnight, we can have a fresh start.

It follows, then, that the most important words we’ll see this year will be our New Year’s Resolutions. Those few sentences may not be beautifully penned or be a delicious satire of American society, but they will be the setting for your story as it unfolds throughout the year, with all of its plot twists, loopholes, and flashbacks.

If you haven’t thought of them yet, you’re definitely not alone, but take a moment now and think.  “What can I challenge myself to do in the next three hundred and sixty five days?”  Every December, we’re shocked as we look back and realize how little time that really is.

My resolutions for this year are to:

  1.  Get my book published.
  2. Pay off my credit cards (who’s with me? J)
  3. Start taking Spanish and Chinese classes.

You don’t have to take over the world or write the next great American novel.  Just stretch yourself so that in twelve months, you can look back and be proud of who you were and what you did.

So set the tone for next year, right now: What are your resolutions for the upcoming year?

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