In the spirit of the holidays, I would like to pose a little brain bender to all of you. Close your eyes – ideally, after you read this – and imagine.

It’s Christmas Eve, a magical night where anything can happen, where an overweight man in a red suit travels the globe at the speed of light. It’s 9:30 pm, and all around the world, millions of children have already tucked into their beds, eagerly awaiting the gifts and love and golden memories that the next day will bring.

You are eating at a beautiful little restaurant in the heart of the city, safely away from the chill night air, surrounded by the people that you love. You sip a delicious, full-bodied red wine, and enjoy a hearty holiday feast.

Suddenly, your chest is tight, and your eyes are bulging. Someone screams, and you know you are choking.

It all happens so quickly, and as your life flashes in front of your teary eyes, you wonder if this restaurant, these people, will be the last things you ever see.

But without warning, you feel a pair of arms locking around your stomach. They jerk upwards into your belly once, twice, and you can suddenly breathe again. When your heart stops racing, you glance behind you and see your waiter, looking back at you with concern.

The ambulance finally arrives, but you’re fine now, thanks to your waiter. You return to your meal and your family, a bit dazed and still a little shaken.

Now imagine all of these things, and tell me:

How much do you tip someone after they save your life?